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  • Treatment Planner

    This is the first app that can be used for all types of chronic illnesses. You can simply record the most relevant information to you, and it’s all together in one place.

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  • Diary

    The first thing you see after opening the app is a calendar where you can manage your appointments.

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  • Treatment

    On the treatment page you can manage your care team, treatment dates and side-effects.

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  • Support

    You can update your support network on the support page.

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  • Record

    Your medical history includes any illness or surgery you had before your diagnosis. But also your medication, allergies and family history.

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  • Settings

    In settings you find Locations,Notes and Documents. In Locations you can manage Names of hospitals or clinics where you get your treatment. These Locations can be used throughout the app. You can also add any notes in relation to your treatment. You can also add links to documents stored in Dropbox, Google Docs or any other cloud service.

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Build a support network to meet like-minded people who share information and provide support.

You will be able to record their details, and contact them from your app.

The treatment journey can be overwhelming, especially if traveled alone. The benefit of allowing others to provide support and care can be life-changing, and possibly life-saving.

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This includes any illness or surgery you had before your diagnosis.

Medical conditions

For example, diabetes, back pain, high blood pressure or depression.

Current medication

You can list any medication you are currently taking and set reminders.

Known allergies

For example sticky plaster, penicilin or nuts

Family history

Doctors often ask about your family history. You can record details here about your relatives.

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